Somewhere in a sea of good ideas, unsolved problems, and awful jokes, Will's just trying to make it happen

A little about me

I'm a self taught programmer who has spent enough time coding to know that it's true love I feel for what I do. I'm really passionate about everything I take part in, and am always on the lookout for inspiring products. As you can see, I hold all my work in very high regard.


August 2018

A creation of my very own, Joule hooks your Bitcoin Lightning node into your browser. Thousands of happy users and counting, and a growing open source community of contributors.

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August 2018

A product company turned agency that specializes in building bestoke grant and crowdfunding platforms for cryptocurrency grant foundations. As a founding member, I created the foundations for our platform and branding from scratch.

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MyCrypto (Formerly MyEtherWallet)

Engineer / UX / UI
August 2017

A complete rewrite and redesign of the most popular Ethereum desktop interface using modern tech like TypeScript and Electron. Whether it was working on the transaction stack, or designing new features, I worked on every facet of the product.

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Frontend Engineer
August 2013

Making the ineffible "F"-able is our mission statement, working on bringing one of the oldest dating sites up to speed with modern designs and performant, fun-driven user experiences with the help of a small team that has big plans.

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Jamie Leigh Artistry

Jack of All Trades
November 2015

Building a consistent brand for a freelance makeup artist who spans the gap between beauty and bloody. My first foray into logo, print, and palette design, built from the ground up.

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Association to Benefit Children

Full-stack Developer
March 2014

Taking a charity from their hard coded, Y2K-era design to a modern 21st century content driven responsive website, all out of the goodness of my cold black heart.

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Phase2 Technology

Full-stack Developer
January 2012

Complex web platforms done quick and competently, Phase2 is a leading implementor of CMS driven websites. Publishers, government agencies, educators, and more fill the portfolio of projects we built. All while being a pillar in the open source community.

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Personal Projects

Chief Dude Officer
November 1993

I'm passionate about games, visual displays, photography, music, and just about any problem that needs solving. So whenever I make something to those ends, I try to put it somewhere people can find them. Here's hoping someone's getting a kick out of 'em.

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