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A match made in heaven


  • A markup language that defines your document
  • Imports all of your other assets via URLs
  • No logic itself, just simple elements


  • Style sheet that targets HTML elements
  • Selectors and rules that define the visuals
  • Minimal logic, the simpler the better.

What it looks like

... not the most impressive

What it looks like... again

Now we're getting somewhere!

Third time's the charm

Lookin' good.

## Position? * `static` The default of any element, this element has no special behavior and is not a parent element. * `relative` Makes this element a parent of all elements below, and can be adjusted from its original position. * `absolute` Makes the element hover above others, and fixes it to the parent element. * `fixed` Behaves like absolute, but pins the element to the user's viewport, not the parent element.

The big reveal!

Great work.